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19 June: Visit to the Vincent Shed

Our meeting on 19 June, Shed members visited the Vincent Shed (VMS) in North Perth. Bill Barns facilitated the visit where we were given a comprehensive demonstration of their CNC router system, which once programed automatically manufactures the designed work piece. After coffee, we discussed the way they set up and run their shed. We were then shown some extremely interesting equipment such as the Sawstop table saw. This saw incorporates new technology that significantly mitigates the chances of hand injuries (see the following video).

10 June: Launch of the W.A, Government Men’s Health &Wellbeing

Gary Gleeson and Max Puddey attended the launch of the W.A, Government Men’s Health & Wellbeing policy on 10 June at the state library. This policy will provide input into some of the proposed shed activities.

11 June: Something Unusual

Members attended WA Lapidary Annual Gemstone Exhibition 11 June to see the displays of gemstones, minerals, polished stones and jewelry. Of additional interest was to see the workshop and equipment set up, and to see if there were opportunities for possible future Cambridge Shed activities. The glass processing electric furnaces were very interesting and maybe suitable for pottery.